Me whenever someone’s wearing a cap shirt: don’t stare, don’t make a fool of yourself, don’t talk about it….


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Candace says: Ultimately, my goal is to graduate from college nearly debt free, with a home of my own which is mortgage free that I can be proud of. My budget for this project is $10,000. In hopes of keeping my costs under control and organizing myself before I run to every hardware store in the state, I have made a detailed spreadsheet breaking down what I will need for each phase and its price.
parts & price list

Kaya getting confused at The Maze Runner Q&A’s



Braeden is dying and Derek wants Scott to give her the Bite, but Scott is very scared he might kill her.


"What if she dies?" "Shes dying right now Scott."

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draeden sparring session with braeden teaching derek to fight but they keep getting distracted because it's turning them (mainly derek) on.


Derek slammed Braeden up against the wall, resting his hand at the back of her head to not cause any real damage. “Better than before.” She encouraged him, “but you dont have to save my head Derek ill be fine,lets do it again. Use both hands.” He removed his hand from the back of her head and placed it on her waist instead. “Okay, so back up.” she laughed, he smiled at her and took a couple steps back.  Braeden went in for a kick, Derek grabbed her leg with one hand, pulling her closer to him, and grabbed her neck with the other, pushing her into the wall, softly though. She smiled, “Even better.”

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Braeden eavesdrops on Derek holding their newborn daughter and just being cute and fluffy




"What are you doin’ up so early?" Derek cooed leaning over into her crib to tickle her chin. "You dont even make a sound when you wake up." he picked her up then, cradling her in his arms. "I dont want to wake mommy yet, so lets just have some me and you time huh?" he sat down on the rocking chair next to her crib, oblivious to the fact that mommy was wide awake on the other side of the door, listening with wet eyes.

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Draeden Prompt: They have a baby girl and as soon as it shows that she'll take after her mom's natural curly hair, Brae sits Derek down in front of the computer and makes him watch a ton of black youtubers' hair tutorials because she will NOT let her baby walk around with ratty hair while she's away on missions just because her daddy was clueless tyvm. And Derek gets into it and makes Brae let him practice on her.


THIS.IS THE BEST PROMPT IVE RECIEVED THUS FAR YES. workin real hard to make this one good.


"That is a hell of a lot of hair."  Malia eyed Derek as he picked Kamryn out of her crib, "well for a one year old anyway." "I blame Brae for that one." he put Kamryn on his hip and headed toward the living room, Malia followed making funny faces at her behind Dereks back. "Now since she just woke up she shouldnt be tired until we get home." he said resting Kam in a circle of her toys and taking a seat. "So just keep her entertained, which shouldnt be hard." "Got it, Stiles will do that."  just as Malia spoke Stiles wandered into the living room, Braeden trailing behind him. "She doesnt eat right after naps she hates it, so wait maybe another hour before trying to give her anything, just put some cereal out in front of her she-" Braeden stopped mid sentence staring at her daughter who just put a stuffed giraffe in her mouth. "Derek you couldnt put her hair up or something it’s going to get all tangled and itll be hell to wash tonight."

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i feel like derek would take braeden’s last name

Details - Paolo Sebastian Spring/Summer 2014-15 Haute Couture


When I was a Freshman at The University of Georgia, my step-dad, Bob Haymes, died of ALS.  It seemed the right thing to do to go back to UGA to accept the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.” 

This post is in memory of Bob, but it’s also in honor of my mom.  Ma, know this:  Bob’s music, especially “That’s All,” impacted countless lives. But you impacted his life by loving him and by rekindling the Music inside him. Thank you for showing me what devotion and loyalty look like. I love you, Ma.  w.a.g.b.t.

Thanks to everyone who challenged me and thanks to everyone who remembers to donate when they accept their challenge.  

I’ll leave you with bit of the lyrics from Bob’s song…he’d like that, i think :’-)   

"I can only give you Love that lasts forever.  

And the promise to be near each time you call.

And the only heart I own,

Is for you and you alone,

That’s All.  ….   That’s All.”


There are times when Tobias regrets buying Tris an iphone for her birthday.